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Welcome to Cool Fun Games Online. Fun games are here! So if you're looking for fun games or cool games online, you've found the right place! We are doing our best to provide you with hundreds of cool games, the most fun games on internet. Go check out and enjoy playing our fun online games for free or real money! We have all kinds of free online flash games for you to play. We hope you'll enjoy our cool fun games online and tell your friends about our online arcade site.

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Classic Games

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power cash
Power Cash
Have a go on the new scratch game Power Cash and immerse yourself with the fun of a classic scratch card and the rush and quivers of a modern day slots game. Each game offers up to 7 chances to win the big prize of €200,000! Simply scratch the selected pay lines and reveal 3 of a kind to win the line prize. Any matching icon set is a winner! Here's a game that really pays out. Have a go!
7 haven

7th Heaven
Come to 7th Heaven it's money filled.Find either 3 sevens in a row or a gift symbol to win! This multi scratch game gives you the chance to play up to 7 times in one game, with two winning options. Win up to £200,000.

xo XO
Meet the boy-bug X and the girl-bug O! Now try to get three in a row on a nine square scratchcard and you can win up to £200,000, try X&O now!
3wow 3 Wow
Find the clovers! In this great game you have the opportunity to win the grand prize of £5,000 every month for fifteen years! Pick your card, scratch the areas and if you have three matching numbers you are a winner. If you are lucky and get three clovers as well, the grand prize could be yours!
super 3

Super 3 Wow
Super 3 WOW! The popular classic is new and improved. Choose up to three cards and win up to 1 million euro each on them. Find three of the same and win the game!

christmas joy Christmas Joy
Christmas Joy is our official holiday scratch card and will only be available during the festive season! Decorate the Christmas tree with the beautiful scratchable ornamental pairs. Christmas Joy is our highest paying scratch game ever, offering a huge top prize of no less than €2 000 000.
ice Ice
Choose between 4 cool cards in our ICE series and scratch them just as in real life! Each card is made up of 2 games and you will soon notice that ICE has an amazing payback of around 95%! Buy an ICE scratch card for up to €5 and you can be the lucky winner of €200,000!
winners Winners
Be a winner on 'Winners' where for a fixed card price of €2, you can win a top prize of €100,000! Enjoy this colorful, fast paced game that also offers attractive prize multipliers and hosts an Olympic Games theme. The more symbols matched, the more prizes won. The main aim of the game is to match any of the 8 'Your Symbols' to any of the 2 'Lucky Symbols'.

Sports Games

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world toto

World Toto
World Toto is a football-themed game that puts you right in the Euro 2012 spirit. Bet 1, X or 2 for each of the 15 matches on hand in up to 3 forms simultaneously and you can win up to £200,000 – without having to be a football expert!

euro ball

Have a go on the Euroball Scratch game, an international football themed game created especially for the EURO 2012 games. This scratch game is a great combination of fast multi play and colorful flags representing numerous national teams.

shot score

Shoot N' Score
Win up to £200,000 in this arcade-style basketball game! Simply pick the number of shots you want to take and shoot the balls at the basket.


Take a shot at Crazy Ball bowling. Get three shots down the bowling lane and if any single shot scores higher than the scoreboard you'll win anything up to £10,000 and onwards up to £200,000 depending on your card price!

100m champion

100m Champion
Be in the running for £200,000 You could be the winner of 100m Champion! Just match the race results to your race card. Match more runners and get more cash. Win up to £200, 000!


Hit the £200,000 jackpot Let's play Darts! Throw your 3 darts and get lucky with your score! If your card has a higher score than the amount shown in chalk you could win anything up to £10,000 and onwards up to £200,000!

Fantasy Games

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golden island

Golden Island
Find the treasure and win the cash Discover the treasure on Golden Island! Just pick a chest, open it and if you find gold you are our winner! Check the prize box for your winnings and find them in your account. The maximum prize is £200,000!

surper bugs

Super Bugs
Ready, set, go! The bugs are ready to race. Pick a winner and you could take home £200,000!

sudoku panda

Sudoku Panda
Take on the Sudoku Panda in this game that combine Sudoku and BIG cash prizes! Scratch away to reveal the correct numbers. Find a Panda Paw to double your winnings!


Your fate is written in the cards! Let good fortune come your way with Zodiac. Spin the wheel, scratch the stars and if any of the stars match the wheel you win the amount shown in the star! You have three chances to win up to £200,000.

ocean pearl

Ocean Pearl
Find your luck at the bottom of ocean in this exiting scratch game! You can play 3 games at the same time and win 3 different prizes. Get lucky and win up to £200 000 in each slot!

lucky diamonds

Lucky Diamonds
Like Diamonds? Love Lucky Diamonds! Feeling Lucky? Then try the Lucky Diamonds. Open the five diamond boxes to reveal all the dazzlers, if you match three you'll win! Check the prize lamp for your prize. Maximum prize winnings £200,000

treasure island Treasure Island
Found the Island? Now find the Treasure Discover the Treasure Island scratchcard. Unlock the chests, hope to find a treasure in three and win the cash that's hidden in the chest in the back. You can win anything up to £200,000 in this exciting game.
super chance

Super Chance
Take a chance to win the cash Take a chance on Super Chance. Scratch the three fields to reveal three cash amounts, then spin the wheel and hope for it to stop on a matching amount! If there is a match you win the cash!

Casino Games

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Win a round of roulette scratch Try this classic roulette themed scratch game. Spin the wheel then scratch the panels to see if your numbers match! If you are lucky you will take home the grand prize of £200,000.

hi lo

Take your chances on HiLo Generate a number and guess which way the next number will go; higher or lower. Your guess, and if you're lucky and your scratchcard matches you'll win the displayed amount up to £200,000!

namaster Namaste
Discover your spiritual side with the Indian inspired Namaste scratch slot machine. Enjoy the beautiful design and views of the Taj Mahal while you choose to play 1 or all 3 slots and aim to match 3 symbols on one reel. The jackpot is an amazing £200,000!
bubble bingo

Bubble Bingo
Welcome to this high-quality, instant bingo game, where you can play up to 12 cards and win up to 3 prizes per card! Simply match the balls to the numbers that appear on the card to win!

slot super 7

Slot Super 7
This one's super! Try our classic slot machine Super 7! Pull the handle and try for three matching symbols. Win the amount in the box below the spinning reels! The maximum you can win is £200,000

royal slots Royal Slots
Win big at Royal Slots! In Royal Slots you can play up to three slot machines simultaneously. Choose your slot machine or play all three. If you get three matching symbols you'll win the displayed amount. The grand prize in this fun game is £200,000.


Slots Games

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Adventure Jack
Follow Jack on his mission and find the treasure in the deepest and darkest caves of mystery and wonder. Match the symbols according to the paytable and you could win the £200 000 jackpot prize. But wait there's EXTRA cash in the hidden bonus round!

Legend of Terra
With its cutting-edge 3D graphics Legend of Terra will take you to a far-away land of heroes, monsters and treasure. Match the icons in this 20-line slot game to win prizes up to £200,000!

Sea and Sun
Take a trip to the land down under with this sunny JACKPOT slot! Enjoy the surf and sunshine of a hot Australian beach in this bonza 8-line game. Just match the Beach Symbols to win the £200,000 prize! G'day mate!

Holiday Hotel
Lay by the pool and catch some rays in Holiday Hotel our HOT 20-line slot game! Match the symbols and you'll win a TOP cash prize... If you reach the bonus round just lift the lids off the dishes and grab as much cash as you can before the 'stop' sign appears!

Sky of Love
Take to the skies and play Sky of Love. This classic one line slot game comes complete with your own hostess all you have to do is match 3 'sky of love' symbols to win. The prize is revealed in the pay table with a £200,000 jackpot waiting to be won!

Ice Land
Feeling chilly? Come and play the icy 9 line slot game to win an amazing jackpot prize of £200,000. Play between 1 – 9 lines in one game and match the Ice Land symbols along the bet lines to win!

Make a splash at Atlantis! Dive in to the Atlantis video slot game. A refreshingly fun way to win cash! Match the sea inspired symbols along a number of bet lines and win up to £200,000.

Egyptian Magic
Discover the treasures of ancient Egypt Reign supreme at the Egyptian magic video slot. Choose your bet lines, hope for a winning combination and aim for the grand prize! Wild cards and scatter symbols add to the drama. The grand prize of this game is £200,000, all depending on how many lines you choose to play.

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