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power cash
Power Cash
Have a go on the new scratch game Power Cash and immerse yourself with the fun of a classic scratch card and the rush and quivers of a modern day slots game. Each game offers up to 7 chances to win the big prize of €200,000! Simply scratch the selected pay lines and reveal 3 of a kind to win the line prize. Any matching icon set is a winner! Here's a game that really pays out. Have a go!
7th haven

7th Heaven
Come to 7th Heaven it's money filled.Find either 3 sevens in a row or a gift symbol to win! This multi scratch game gives you the chance to play up to 7 times in one game, with two winning options. Win up to £200,000.

xo XO
Meet the boy-bug X and the girl-bug O! Now try to get three in a row on a nine square scratchcard and you can win up to £200,000, try X&O now!
3 wow 3 Wow
Find the clovers! In this great game you have the opportunity to win the grand prize of £5,000 every month for fifteen years! Pick your card, scratch the areas and if you have three matching numbers you are a winner. If you are lucky and get three clovers as well, the grand prize could be yours!
super 3 wow

Super 3 Wow
Super 3 WOW! The popular classic is new and improved. Choose up to three cards and win up to 1 million euro each on them. Find three of the same and win the game!

christams joy Christmas Joy
Christmas Joy is our official holiday scratch card and will only be available during the festive season! Decorate the Christmas tree with the beautiful scratchable ornamental pairs. Christmas Joy is our highest paying scratch game ever, offering a huge top prize of no less than €2 000 000.
ice Ice
Choose between 4 cool cards in our ICE series and scratch them just as in real life! Each card is made up of 2 games and you will soon notice that ICE has an amazing payback of around 95%! Buy an ICE scratch card for up to €5 and you can be the lucky winner of €200,000!
winners Winners
Be a winner on 'Winners' where for a fixed card price of €2, you can win a top prize of €100,000! Enjoy this colorful, fast paced game that also offers attractive prize multipliers and hosts an Olympic Games theme. The more symbols matched, the more prizes won. The main aim of the game is to match any of the 8 'Your Symbols' to any of the 2 'Lucky Symbols'.
numero uno Numero Uno
Choose 16 out of 24 available areas and reveal 5 or more '1'symbols in order to win the prize specified in the paytable. The more 1s revealed the higher your prize! You can also win immediate prizes by revealing treasure chests. If 15 '1' symbols are revealed you might claim the top prize of up to € 200,000.
slot 777 Slot 777
It's easy to play at Slot 777 Slot 777 maximizes the winnings from the Super 7! Here you have the opportunity to win in three different slot machines. With a little bit of luck you'll win the amount in the box below the spinning reels! The maximum you can win is £200,000.
mega safe

Mega Safe
Will you unlock the £200,000 prize? You've got the key! Use your one-off Mega Safe code, scratch the six panels to reveal if your code matches, if it does the safe opens to reveal your stash of cash: anything up to £200,000!

7 boom 7BOOM
7BOOM is a high powered scratch card that offers a fantastic 2 games in 1. The number 7 will definitely become the lucky number of many players in this amazing new game as it offers you 14 chances to find the lucky 7 which will land you a massive Prime Jackpot.
sampo Sampo
Winning is nice but SAMPO is better as it offers you a double chance of winning. Each scratch card consists of 2 games, meaning 2 chances of winning! Sampo is a magical work of art from the Finnish mythology and the two games you can enjoy winning from are, Match3 and X&O. Enjoy this real-life scratch simulation.

Pick your lucky sign and match 3 symbols to win up to £200,000! Plus, see what the stars have in store for you with a personal horoscope updated every day…

forces of terra

Forces of Terra
All your favorite characters from 'Legend of Terra' are back! Match 3 of them to win a prize. Match 4 and your prize will be doubled. Match all 5 and your prize will be multiplied by 10!

lucky charms Lucky Charms
A lucky leprechaun is hiding somewhere over the rainbow. Scratch the panels to find him and win a HUGE jackpot!
keep smiling

Keep Smiling
Keep smiling all the way to the bank in this thrilling multi-scratch game! Match two Smileys or find the wild "Lady Smiley" and win up to £200,000!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday
Surprise yourself with a special gift and celebrate like it was your birthday today! Play this classic-style scratch card, find the matching symbols and enjoy your winnings.

wild west Wild West
Welcome to the Wild Wild West! Shoot the three windows to find the wanted bandit and win a £200,000 jackpot reward!
golden fortune Golden Fortune
Reveal the 9 squares on each card and match any of the top 5 numbers to win! There is also a fantastic bonus round in the game, where you can choose from 8 money filled suitcases – select the one you like and win cash instantly. Try Golden Fortune now, the maximum Jackpot is 200,000 GBP!

There are new neighbors in town! And these neighbours come with a HUGE jackpot prize. Simply scratch the 9 windows to find three matching 'Neighbours' or the 'Baby' wild symbol to win up to £200,000!


Get ready to crack open the Champagne! Scratch 4 of the 9 squares and if you reveal 3 matching symbols you're a winner! Check the prize box for your prize amount.

jungle joy

Jungle Joy
Go wild with Jungle Joy, the new game where you just scratch 4 of the 9 squares and if you reveal 3 matching jungle animals, you win! Check the prize box for your prize amount. It could be the £200,000 jackpot!

spy comics

Spy Comics
Enter the mysterious world of Spy Comics the ultimate detective scratch game. Play for matching clues to crack the case and win up to 200,000€.

tiger mahjong Tiger Mahjong
The Tiger Mahjong scratchcard is a great take on the classic Chinese game. Just find a matching pair of symbols to win! Play up to 3 lines in this multi game and you could find up to 2 pairs on a single line. Get the bonus flower and double your winnings there's up to £200,000 to be won on this game, play now!

The Popularity of the Many Classic Casino Games

What is it about classic games at a casino that makes them so appealing? This can be somewhat of a trick question. Certain games might be appealing to one person while other games will be more appealing to others. You could say, however, there is a common thread among all the most popular games. They are generally easy to understand and, with a little practice, you can gain insights into the right strategy of how to play them effectively.

Playing more effectively means you end up increasing your potential to win. Now, that does not infer that you will be able to guarantee a win for yourself at any game. Gambling does involve risk. If it did not, it could not be called gambling. With certain games, however, experience will help cut down on your risk. How so? Basically, when you make better decisions at a gambling table, you eliminate hosts of errors that could cause you to lose.

For example, when you play blackjack, you might agree with the notion if you have 12 and the dealer is showing 3, you might be best served sticking and letting the dealer take a hit. The chances of the dealer breaking are boosted so you might as well take the chance to see if it plays out this way. While the outcome is not guaranteed, those that have played blackjack for some time will realize that the odds might be in their favor.

Of course, there are also casino games that are more rooted in chance. A game such as roulette or slots do not really involve much strategy since they are, in essence, games of chance. You could even say the same of video poker since the game is an electronic one instead of actual cards. However, to assume that there should be no thought given to playing these games would be inaccurate. Those that have been playing games of chance for quite some time eventually get a feeling when a game of chance is going hot or cold. Those that hit a hot streak just might walk away from the table with a great deal of money. It has been done before. Some of the amounts won have been huge.

Of course, classic strategy games such as blackjack and games that are a mix of strategy and chance such as craps can also bring forth the potential to make a huge sum of cash when a hot streak hits. Classic games have a long and storied history featuring many tales of those that have won huge at these games. Stories along those lines help motivate others to give the games a try.

Why do classic casino games actually reach the level where they are dubbed classic? They are popular and they are popular because people can grasp the concept of the games. This means they might have a better chance at winning with these games as opposed to what might be the case with a new game with strange rules that appears on the landscape.

Both those new to casino gaming and those that have been playing casino games for some time will likely flock to the classic games. Again, the reason is these games are easy to learn and, possibly, offer the best chance to walk away a winner.

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