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golden island

Golden Island
Find the treasure and win the cash Discover the treasure on Golden Island! Just pick a chest, open it and if you find gold you are our winner! Check the prize box for your winnings and find them in your account. The maximum prize is £200,000!

super bugs

Super Bugs
Ready, set, go! The bugs are ready to race. Pick a winner and you could take home £200,000!

sudoku panda

Sudoku Panda
Take on the Sudoku Panda in this game that combine Sudoku and BIG cash prizes! Scratch away to reveal the correct numbers. Find a Panda Paw to double your winnings!


Your fate is written in the cards! Let good fortune come your way with Zodiac. Spin the wheel, scratch the stars and if any of the stars match the wheel you win the amount shown in the star! You have three chances to win up to £200,000.

ocean pearl

Ocean Pearl
Find your luck at the bottom of ocean in this exiting scratch game! You can play 3 games at the same time and win 3 different prizes. Get lucky and win up to £200 000 in each slot!

lucky diamonds

Lucky Diamonds
Like Diamonds? Love Lucky Diamonds! Feeling Lucky? Then try the Lucky Diamonds. Open the five diamond boxes to reveal all the dazzlers, if you match three you'll win! Check the prize lamp for your prize. Maximum prize winnings £200,000

treasure island Treasure Island
Found the Island? Now find the Treasure Discover the Treasure Island scratchcard. Unlock the chests, hope to find a treasure in three and win the cash that's hidden in the chest in the back. You can win anything up to £200,000 in this exciting game.
super change

Super Chance
Take a chance to win the cash Take a chance on Super Chance. Scratch the three fields to reveal three cash amounts, then spin the wheel and hope for it to stop on a matching amount! If there is a match you win the cash!

dancing domino

Dancing Domino
Match the dominos to win! In 1 game you can match up to 8 domino pairs. Just choose a minimum of a pair of Dominos amongst the 8 pairs you can play with to win! Check the Total Wins box for your winnings and find them in your account. The maximum prize is £200,000

love birds

Love Birds
Love is all around when you play Love Birds. Simply match the love birds on the bench with the picture strip from the photo booth to win the £200,000 jackpot!

knights battle

Knights Battle
It is time to prepare for a fight! Knights Battle is the multi game based on the traditional card game 'War'. Players face the 6 in 1 multi game to beat the dealer by getting a higher card to win the £200,000 jackpot!

cash farm

Cash Farm
Cash Farm; play like an animal and win up to 200,000! Open the 3 barn doors to reveal different farmyard animals if you match three in one barn you are a winner.

the lost maya

The Lost Maya
Take a journey into the ancient world of The Lost Maya. Win up to £200,000 by opening one of three chamber doors to reveal the golden Maya just avoid the dark chambers!

fast hands

Fast Hands
Fast Hands is based on the famous game 'Rock Paper Scissors' where players have to reveal either a Rock, Paper or Scissors hand which beats the central hand.

This will be your favourite multi game, play up to 6 hands in a single game. This game holds a fantastic €200,000 jackpot, win it today!

master mix

Master Mix
Now you have the chance to become a millionaire and come face to face with the master who has your fate in his hands.
Match the number, colour and position of the master mix colour balls to win up to 200,000 GBP.

This game is simply magical and you only need some luck to win our huge jackpot!

club pearl

Club Pearl
Looking for pearls? Life under the sea couldn't be any better. Open all the oysters and hope to find the winning pearl! Maximum prize winnings are £200,000.

Playing Fantasy Games Online - What to Expect

Fantasy sports are becoming extremely popular online, as there is even a television series that is devoted to this phenomenon. While these fantasy games might seem like they require a great deal of sports knowledge, the truth is that nearly anyone can succeed under the right circumstances. As long as you know what to expect before you begin, you can make a run to the championship in your next fantasy league.

The Draft

Every fantasy league starts with a draft, which is how players are assigned to individual teams. These players will come from actual professional league, so it is important that you look at their past stats. Most leagues are divided down into positions, as each position has to be filled during the draft. For example, if you are playing fantasy football, you will probably need a quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a defense.

Developing a strategy is important in these fantasy games, as your goal is to draft the players who will put up the most points for you. There is no right or wrong strategy, but always draft players in the most important positions first. This means you should draft a quarterback and running back early in fantasy football, but hold off on the kicker until the later rounds.

Setting Your Lineup

Once the draft has been completed, you can set your lineup. You should fill every position with a player that you have drafted. If you forgot to draft a player to fill a certain position, you can always pick up a free agent to cover this position. The goal is to score as many points as possible, so set your lineup based on how well you feel a certain player will perform.


Making trades is the most exciting part of these fantasy games, as it allows you to make transactions with other members of your league. If you have too many players that play a certain position and would like to upgrade in another position, you can propose a trade. There is no guarantee that this trade will be accepted, but that is all part of the fun of these fantasy games.

Game Play

Once the professional season starts, your fantasy season will start as well. The winner of each game is determined by how well his or her players perform during their games. For example, if Adrian Peterson rushes for 150 yards and scores two touchdowns during a Minnesota Vikings games and your drafted him onto your fantasy team, your team will be credited with points based on your league's scoring settings.

Likewise, if a player does not perform well, it will hinder your fantasy team. For example, if your drafted Tony Romo and he throws three interceptions, he could end up losing your team points, depending on how the league calculates points.

Fun for All

These fantasy games are popular because they get players more involved in the sport and help them to follow their favorite players more closely. There is even the opportunity to wager some money at the beginning of the season and, hopefully, come away with some money once you win the league. In the end, people love fantasy games because they make ordinary sports fans feel like they are part of the action .

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