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adventure jack

Adventure Jack
Follow Jack on his mission and find the treasure in the deepest and darkest caves of mystery and wonder. Match the symbols according to the paytable and you could win the £200 000 jackpot prize. But wait there's EXTRA cash in the hidden bonus round!

lengend of terra

Legend of Terra
With its cutting-edge 3D graphics Legend of Terra will take you to a far-away land of heroes, monsters and treasure. Match the icons in this 20-line slot game to win prizes up to £200,000!

sea and sun

Sea and Sun
Take a trip to the land down under with this sunny JACKPOT slot! Enjoy the surf and sunshine of a hot Australian beach in this bonza 8-line game. Just match the Beach Symbols to win the £200,000 prize! G'day mate!

holiday hotel

Holiday Hotel
Lay by the pool and catch some rays in Holiday Hotel our HOT 20-line slot game! Match the symbols and you'll win a TOP cash prize... If you reach the bonus round just lift the lids off the dishes and grab as much cash as you can before the 'stop' sign appears!

sky of love

Sky of Love
Take to the skies and play Sky of Love. This classic one line slot game comes complete with your own hostess all you have to do is match 3 'sky of love' symbols to win. The prize is revealed in the pay table with a £200,000 jackpot waiting to be won!

ice land

Ice Land
Feeling chilly? Come and play the icy 9 line slot game to win an amazing jackpot prize of £200,000. Play between 1 – 9 lines in one game and match the Ice Land symbols along the bet lines to win!


Make a splash at Atlantis! Dive in to the Atlantis video slot game. A refreshingly fun way to win cash! Match the sea inspired symbols along a number of bet lines and win up to £200,000.

egyptian magic

Egyptian Magic
Discover the treasures of ancient Egypt Reign supreme at the Egyptian magic video slot. Choose your bet lines, hope for a winning combination and aim for the grand prize! Wild cards and scatter symbols add to the drama. The grand prize of this game is £200,000, all depending on how many lines you choose to play.

pirates paradise

Pirates Paradise
Ahoy there matey! Attack Pirates Paradise scratch game and find the treasure of up to £200,000. Just match 3 treasure chest symbols on this one line slot and avoid the Pirate Parrot.

sakura garden

Sakura Garden
Enter exotic Sakura Garden where you can play up to 3 classic slot machines in 1 game. Choose a single slot machine or play all 3. If you get 3 matching symbols in a machine, you are a winner! Check the pay table for your prize. There is an amazing €200,000 jackpot to be won!

bon appetite

Bon Appetite
Fill up on some tasty scratch action with Bon Apetite. The 9 reel slot machine scratchcard game. Match a minimum of 2 identical icons to win. Get 5 ice creams and win the jackpot of £200,000!

fair play

Fair Play
Come play at the fair where there is a €200,000 jackpot up for grabs! Play the fun filled game, Fair Play and win by matching the symbols in this five line slot game. But that's not all, match the circus marquee in your winning lines and see your winning combination double.

grand corwn

Grand Crown
You can feel like a royal winner with a €200,000 jackpot up for grabs when you play the brand new 5 line slot game, Grand Crown! Simply match the symbols in this five line slot game and you could wear the winning crown. Look out for the Grand Crown in your lines as it could double your winning combination!


It's the wicked scratch card game with a spellbinding 200,000€ jackpot. Discover matching halves of Esmerelda and watch the witch herself fly across the screen when you win!

conga beat

Conga Beat
Check out the wild Africa with this beautiful game and enjoy the Conga music. Conga beat is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot, which offers more than 30 winning combinations. Find 3 or more Bonus logo symbols to get the fantastic Bonus game.

monaco glamour

Monaco Glamour
Monaco Glamour is a fabulous video slot with various winning symbols and an extra Bonus game feature. Enjoy the stylish life of Monaco´s players and win the jackpot today.

5th avenue

5th Avenue
There's a new scratchcard in town; 5th Avenue is the brand new 9 line slot scratchcard game that everyone wants to play. Exclusive and stylish, just match the bling icons on a single line to win a prize. There's up to £200,000 to be won. Match the icons on a single line to win a prize or play up to 9 lines in a single game for more!

castle slots Castle Slots
Try Castle Slots today, you can play up to 3 classic slot machines in 1 game. Choose your slot machine or play all 3 and win even more. If you get 3 matching symbols in a machine, you are a winner! There's an amazing 200,000€ to be won in this game.
monte carlo

Monte Carlo
Win fast at Monte Carlo The scratchcard of the rich and glamorous, Monte Carlo, is the three wheel slot that gives you a shot at the big time! Spin the reels, get a winning combination and take home the cash!



Playing Slots Games Online For Fun

Everyone enjoys blowing off some steam playing games online.  It is a fun and harmless way to pass time and test your brain.  One can do this in a lot of ways, like playing slots games online, doing puzzles, action shooters, arcade games, and more.  The variety of choices is endless.   While this is fantastic for the veteran gamer, to the newcomer it can be daunting to locate a service that offers truly free games, in particular those that mimic casinos.  One needs to be careful when looking for a site that has free slots to make sure there are no catches involved.

This is pointed out because there are many websites which charge for their games.  One need not use them to get the best slot action online, however.  There are hundreds of choices that offer free slot style games that do not cost a single penny. Keep this in mind when you go to play slots.  It is not the “We'll match your deposit” offers or the “xx amount of credit” offers that you should pay attention to.  While there are legal online casinos, one need not be suckered into using one just to play a slot machine for fun.  Each month there are several dozen new slot machine games online that cost absolutely nothing to play.

Services like Yahoo Games, Pogo,  MSN games and others which are very widely known all have slot like or poker like games on them for free.  Many of them can be played online without needing to download anything.  Since they are offered for free and there is no money involved they are completely legal no matter where you live.  Of course Pogo does offer contests and you can earn credits there, which is just an added bonus and not really related to the game itself.

A quick search will turn up hundreds of ways of playing slots games online.  One site offers over 30 three reel and five reel slot machine games which can be picked from thumbnails, loaded into the browser, and played for free.  These lightweight online games are smoothly animated and offer many ways to rack up points.   They have all the bells and whistles you expect from professional slot machines.  Not only do you get immersed in the experience, but your credits can be redeemed for a chance to win a monthly sweepstakes.  The more you play the more chances you earn.

Another option is to find a good site that is linked to a casino.  Often times these will offer play for free slots in hopes that you'll move over to the play to win ones eventually.  If you can resist the temptation to purchase credits, these types of websites can open up hundreds of additional online slot machine games. One can find loads of top quality direct play slots that do not need to be downloaded or installed on your machine.  These offer unlimited free play, and to actually move to the other types of slots you have to download and install a software agreement to enable additional functionality. In this way you can enjoy all the free slot machine action, the bells and whistles that make playing slots at the casino so exciting without risking a single cent of your hard earned cash.

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